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A Magical Morning to Unlock Purpose

This morning I had an hour-long conversation with a literary bigwig about my book. She "gets" me, and the sparks of inspiration bounced off the phone lines. We were instantly on the same page. Both of us passionate about helping others realize their unique gifts to do something good in the world.

I hung up energized and excited for next steps. I then meandered over to my mailbox to discover an incredibly thoughtful gift from a former coworker.

A Giving Key to Unlock my Purpose. That’s the word on my key: Purpose. And when the time is right, I’ll pay it forward and give it to someone else who needs to unlock their purpose. I have a fun idea about that at the end of this post.

I remembered reading about Giving Keys in the past, but needed to refresh my memory. When I watched this video on YouTube about them, I was deeply moved. This gift could not be more perfect for me. The company is all about giving people second chances. Much like my upcoming memoir, LOVE, ME is about second chances. The company offers employment to people transitioning out of homelessness.

“I was once a lot like these old keys that were thrown away, that nobody would take a look at,” said one of their employees in the video. Now he has a job. He is doing meaningful work.

I was the nearly “unadoptable” baby according to my adoption advocate because of a deformity. I got a second chance with a wonderful family.

Years later, my birth father wanted a second chance with me. He was an addict who found his purpose in prison by educating fellow inmates and helping them obtain high school equivalency diplomas.

He inspired me to work with millions of children, many of whom were the underdogs, the ones who needed second chances, to help them realize their innate value and ability to help others. We raised millions of dollars for disaster relief, we put water wells in African countries, schools in Cambodia, helped families battling cancer, and so much more.

My former coworker gave me this key, when he learned I was focusing my efforts on publishing my memoir, LOVE, ME to inspire many others to find their purpose.

I like to imagine that the day I give away my key to someone else is shortly after hitting The New York Times Bestseller list. But the truth is, I feel like I found my purpose quite some time ago. And I so enjoy the new discoveries around every corner. Just with my last blog post alone, I received over 200 beautiful messages from people who were inspired by what I wrote and in turn, I’m inspired by what they wrote to me. We’re learning and growing in community, and together we’re unlocking our purpose.

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