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GameShow Baby! Choose Your Life!

Preparing in heaven for "Choose Your Life" game show.

If God has a “Choose Your Life” game show in heaven, mine probably went something like this:

Welcome Baby! Choose your life! You have three doors to start your journey. Pick one! But be careful!

One has an addict behind it, another has someone who will try to hide you from the world, and the third… a brand new family with a mom and a dad and a big sister in beautiful suburbia, America!

That was me. I got Door Number Three. But knowing what were behind the other two, I’ll never take my lot in life for granted. I learned about the power of purpose, hope, self-esteem, and real change through a years-long anonymous correspondence between me and prisoner #7623789. My biological father.

He never knew my name.

For all the outcasts and underdogs and people who have had hard knocks . . . I see you. I know your worth. I know you have it in you to leave the world better than you found it. If a severe addict in prison can put goodness into the world, there’s hope for the rest of us.

I was his anonymous daughter and I signed all my letters the same.



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