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Journey to a Good Place.

Some say that God plants our purpose in our hearts. If we have a great desire to do something, we will find a way. I love that. And yet, I’m reminded of a former church colleague’s observation that maybe this isn't always true. He used the movie Rudy as an example. “He poured so much hard work and effort into playing football for Notre Dame, and all for what? He played one game. He wasn’t really built physically for football.”

So, when we have these deep passionate desires, how do we know if they come from God? Are they really what we’re meant to do?

Maybe we don’t know. Not 100%. That’s what faith is all about, right? And hey, maybe Rudy only played one game, but he inspired many by his passion and dedication, and found new great pursuits. In the end, he seemed delighted with the outcome.

I’ve had big dreams throughout my life. I’ve prayed hard. I've received signs, and amazing things have happened!

But sometimes I've received incredible signs, yet what I had hoped for didn't materialize. With time, I could see God pointing me to something even better.

It’s that “with time” part that can be hard when you want something so bad. When you feel like you’ve done everything right, and yet things aren’t gelling, it's easy to start questioning everything.

Ultimately, it’s how you handle yourself in that time, that can be the most beautiful,

mysterious, lesson-learning leap of faith. Prayer has a way of clearing the path. Step by step, God lights the way.

After many dreams, grand achievements balanced with setbacks and roadblocks, I remain grateful for the journey.

I don’t know exactly where God is leading me, but I take a step in faith every day knowing it’s some place good.

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