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Praying with my friend who died.

My friend Dorothy went to heaven. I met her years after she came back. She had an aneurysm that launched her soul into heaven while doctors worked feverishly to fix her body on earth.

Her story of going to heaven is beautiful, but ultimately she was told to come back to earth and invite more souls to learn about Jesus' teachings, and about God's great love for each of us.

She emanates an otherworldly light. She's generous with hugs and always makes you feel loved.

I sought Dorothy out in church a couple of weeks ago. I often do. But this time, I asked if she'd pray with me.

She held both of my hands right on the spot and said, "OK. You lead."

It started something like this:

"God, I come to you with my dear friend Dorothy who has met you in heaven and whom you've blessed us to have her back on earth. I figure she knows you pretty well, and you said, 'Wherever two or three are gathered in my name, I am there... so we come to you with this request..."

Just as I said that, Dorothy let go of one of my hands, and put her free hand out, as if holding someone else's hand.

When I finished my prayer, she showed me her goosebumps. Through her broken speech (the aneurysm left her having some difficulty speaking), she said, "Anne, look at my goosebumps. When you said, 'Wherever two or three are gathered in my name, I am there,' I literally felt someone take my hand and join us. Someone wants you to know your prayers are heard. He is with us." She continued to show me the goosebumps all up and down her arms. She was clearly deeply moved by the experience.

Weeks later, I'm still reveling in the love. When a friend goes to heaven, comes back, and holds hands with you and God, that's a pretty good day.

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