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Snowball of Goodness from Something So Bad

Hurricane Katrina through the eyes of a 10 year old.

August 29, 2005

Fourteen years ago.

Hurricane Katrina hit.

At least 1836 people died.

Over 50 levees breached.

$125 Billion dollars worth of property damage.

But you know what? Ten-year-old Kenshondra survived. So did a whole lot of other people.

You know what else? Millions of children came to the rescue. And they were supported by millions of teachers and millions of parents! They inspired more and more to join in, creating a ginormous snowball of goodness.

I look at this anniversary with gratitude for all the goodness that was born out of something so bad.

If I could, I'd go back in time and stop the hurricane with magical powers. (If you can go back in time, then certainly you can stop a hurricane, right?) And smile, knowing that there's a whole lot of goodness in the world prepared to do its thing.

For further reading on the ginormous snowball of goodness, click here: My Turning Point: Discovering That Hope Floats on the Points of Light blog.

Today - Let's make an extra effort to put some goodness out into the world, out of gratitude that we can. A ten-year-old pointed out to me that "I can" is right there in the middle of the hurrICANe. Kids are awesome. Let's go be awesome with them today.


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