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Why I Will March in Washington DC

Growing up adopted, I had questions. I didn’t know who my birth parents were. It got me thinking about the bigger questions.

Why was I born at this time in this place, and ultimately adopted by this family?

What if I had been born in a developing country?

What if I had been born with different skin color?

I grew up knowing the human race [1]as my family. Each of us is beautifully unique. But we are all one family. One race, with various degrees of melanin in our skin.[2]

I believe God put each of us here for a reason. So why am I here?

I know in my soul that God put me here to shine a light on the value each person brings to the world. Your purpose is likely different than mine. If each of us lives up to our highest soul potential, we may achieve “earth as it is in heaven.”

I say soul potential because too often people speak of living up to their potential as a means of accumulating great wealth or status. But wealth and status don’t mean anything if you did it with little regard for others, or worse if you did it with disregard for others.

Nearly one-third of the world’s population, 2.4 Billion people have prayed to God,

“Thy Will be done. On earth, as it is in Heaven.”

I know I can’t change God, but I’ve noticed through prayer, God can change me. When I pray about "earth as it is in heaven,” I envision a place where we have discovered that we are all beautiful threads woven into God’s great tapestry, and it won’t be complete until each of our gifts is fully realized.

August 25, 2020 - The lights celebrate Women's Suffrage.

That is why this week, on the 57th anniversary of Martin Luther King, Jr’s “I have a dream” speech I will stand with humanity[4] against systematic racism.

I will encourage people to prepare themselves to know when, where, and how to vote. And I will do my best to love everyone, including those who have been sheltered from racism by geography and incomplete or inaccurate history lessons[5]. I invite all of us to continue to educate ourselves. Seek a variety of viewpoints. And ultimately, love one another. Allowing someone else their basic human rights doesn’t take away from your own.

Earth can’t be "as it is in heaven" until all our souls can achieve their highest potential.




[1] Jane Elliott Ends Racism in One Minute. [2] Bill Nye The Science of Skin Color [3] March on Washington August 28, 2020 [4] I hope to be like this girl until it’s no longer necessary. [5] John Oliver, US History

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